MAAXTV 1 Year Renewal Card / PIN / Voucher


Purchase MaaxTV Renewal Card/ PIN and extend the Subscription of your MaaxTV device now without having to purchase a new product. Enjoy all of our services for 1 more year!  Renewal Card applicable to the following MaaxTV products:
LN4000 Linux device
LN9000/LN6000/LN5000 Android device

Note: once this item has been redeemed, it is not refundable

Terms and Conditions:
* This item is not refundable once it has been redeemed
* Renewal PIN comes with Limited Warranty. We will attempt to repair the faulty device at no charge. Warranty excludes the cost of parts and shipping costs.
* If your device becomes faulty and we are unable to repair the device, we will submit a request to Transfer the Subscription to another same or similar device. The replacement cost for the device will be $99 plus shipping fee.
* Customer must pay for all Shipping Costs to/from our Office.

MAAXTV LN4000/5000 - 1 Year Renewal Card / PIN
MAAXTV 1 Year Renewal Card / PIN / Voucher
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